FMP – Catch Up on Progress!


On 10th March, we all had a peer review session displaying the progress of our work. I decided to add text to my photographs but they were only rough sketches. The feedback I received was that everyone liked the idea but were mixed with the text, with some mentioning I should have it separate.


Separating the text was my original idea, however, my idea was inspired by motivational posters but I wanted to work with balancing these two elements together instead of just adding text in. The text is just as important as the photograph. I have also thought of a title for the project. It will be called “Women in The Spectrum”.

I attended SWAN meet up on the 22nd March and got some video footage for the video section. I also brought my Dictaphone so I could get more caption material just in case no one wants to be in the video. I am also going to meet the organiser Shirley on the 30th so we can get our video interview done (We didn’t have time to do it during the meet).


My challenge right now has to be text. I am more experienced with photography post production rather than graphic design. I only know the basics so this will be a challenge for me. The screenshot above is my progress so far with practising and completing each photograph using the captions that I have compiled together. The one on the left is from 10th March when I started putting captions in the photographs and the one on the right is from the 29th March. I have used these basic tutorials to get me started :

© Rachel Miller/Oni Photography 2014

Taken during my first year at University, 2014

It’s really late in the game but I might ask some of the Graphic Design staff when I get back to University for advice. I received some advice for my typography before xduring first year and the feedback was really useful.



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